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GM Introduces 2013 CNG Bi-Fuels Chevy Truck






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We currently have locally small, & Regional C-Stores Chains, committed to exploring our Compressor Product lines & CNG solutions. We are assisting them Confidentially, to develop a practical  CNG strategy.

We are very excited at the rapid progress taking place here in the SE US, with M.E.(Modern Energy) and our retail & commercial clients.          Stay Tunned...



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        CNG Costruction 
      Process Flow-Chart

Equipment/ Station Sizing
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2)      Funding, Grants

3)      Planning, Permitting

4)      PE Stamped Engineering/ Drawings

5)      Full Service Construction

6)      Project Management

7)      Equipment and Labor Warranty

8)      Training

9)      Maintenance

10)  Service






CNG Construction Project 
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Bi-Fuels CNG & Diesel


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Modern Energy Services Inc. (M.E.) provides Educational, Marketing & Sales Services for a number of  energy related clients, we specialize in multiple evolving  energy solutions (one size fits no one) we  also offer Construction Managment Services for all alternative energy programs. (in short we sell lowcosts CNG, LNG Compresssors)

We can provide expert realistic, sensible, ROI's " Return on Investment" analysis
of your corporate wide cost savings initiatives.

    CNG- LNG Compressed Natural Gas  |   EV  Electric Vehicles  |  BioFuels- E15    
 E85,  |  DEF, We also provide smartly sourced traditional Gasoline & Diesel Fuels

We are seeking growth partners that want to explore CNG, and allow us to provide the distributing  of Equipment, installation of costs efficient retail and commercial friendly CNG equipment, here in the Atlanta GA area and SE US, and all additional growth markets. Our specific Proprietary Equipment relationships allow for upto 1/3rd the savings of current CNG equipment models. Our units are also modular & have explosion proof  Compressor areas
We directly represent Galileo USA exclusively for GA & Florida, we are not only Equipment Components CNG Packagers,     We build, make,manufacture all of our own CNG equipment, & Compressors!        


Our aim and vision is to forward a strong sales marketing push with Modern Energy Services for CNG & EV, dual solutions (total package) which could include:

  • Branded like Equip. package programs Modern Energy, ME Consumer & Retail friendly
  • 100% Turnkey CNG Equipment Station Placement **Option**                              we Pay all costs & own CNG station, must have committed GGE or DGE volumes that makes sense for all
  • CNG, EV Solutions, Multiple sizes, some models made in US, Modular "Plug N Play"& Save
  • Bid Private and Govt. preparations
  • Network of area certified installers and Equipment servicers
  • Understanding the Fed funding, Grants process & eligibility
  • CNG Friendly 100% funding..Lease programs Available
  • IRS Tax code 179 2013 (Double bonus depreciation)
  • Vehicle conversion kits for Fleets
  • Commercial or Home FastFills
  • Education, Training and CNG Safety Certifications
  • Gas Station partnerships, site selection and feasibility study
  • CardLock, fenced private island, also offering traditional diesel & gasoline, DEF

"It is not the  strongest of the species that survive, nor the  most  intelligent but the one most responsive to change"                           Charles Darwin.......
Call me today for a confidential discussion regarding your future CNG / Modern Energy Service Plans                                                       770-733-9140

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     EV Products Level 2 &3
                                                  What the GGE! 
                                                Gasoline Gallon Equivalents (GGE) for Alternative Fuels
                      Fuel British Thermal Unit (Btu) Estimates for Transportation Vehicles (Lower Heating Values)
                                                                        Conversion Chart Below

 Type of Fuel or Energy
     Thermal Units
     Alt Fuel   
      Unit in
  Alt Fuel Unit  

Example for 
Converting into GGE

   Per Unit of Fuel  
  Gasoline Gal. 
    Diesel Gal.  
Diesel Gallon 127,500 1.14 1 5 Diesel Gallons = 5.7 GGEs 5 x 1.14
Gasoline Gallon1 111,800 1 0.877 GGE = Gasoline Gallon  
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Gallon 71,100 0.636 0.558 12 LNG Gallons = 7.632 GGEs 12 x 0.636
  Compressed Natural 
    Gas (CNG) Therm
93,000 0.832 0.729 10 CNG Therms = 8.32 GGEs  
E85 Gallon 81,700 0.731 0.641 10 E85 Gallons = 7.31 GGEs  
85% Ethanol, 15% gasoline
B20 Gallon 125,400 1.122 0.984 10 B20 Gallons = 11.22 GGEs  
20% biodiesel, 80% diesel
B100 Gallon 117,100 1.047 0.918 15 B100 Gallons = 15.705 GGEs 15 x 1.047
100% biodiesel
Liquefied Petroelum Gas (LPG/Propane) Gallon 83,200 0.744 0.653 15 LPG Gallons = 11.16 GGEs 15 x 0.744
Hydrogen Gallon 27,800 0.249 0.218 10 Hydrogen Gallons = 2.49 GGEs  
Electricity (kilowatt-hours/kWh) 3,412 0.031 0.027 100 kWh of Electricity = 3.1 GGEs  

Get the Facts on Natural Gas Vehicles and Fueling

What is compressed natural gas?

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is made by compressing natural gas to 3,600 psi. The gas is delivered by pipeline to compression equipment located at a fueling station or business.

CNG is measured and sold at the pump in gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE). GGE is the amount of alternative fuel it takes to equal the energy content of one liquid gallon of gasoline.

How much will I pay at the pump for CNG?

CNG prices currently range from $1.50 to $2.75 per GGE, which is roughly half the price of gasoline or diesel.

Do we import natural gas?

Most (88%) of the natural gas consumed in the United States is produced here. Canada provides much of the rest (10.5%), with 1.5% imported as liquefied natural gas.

How much natural gas is available for vehicle use?

There is plenty of natural gas in the United States for fueling vehicles. Inventory levels of natural gas are at record levels, with estimates of more than a 200-year supply.

How stable are natural gas prices?

Natural gas prices are less volatile than gasoline or diesel prices. Because natural gas is a domestic fuel, political or economic unrest in other parts of the world do not greatly affect the price. Ample supply helps keep prices from extreme fluctuations.

Fuel prices are lower, but aren't CNG vehicles more expensive?

The CNG versions of medium- to heavy-duty trucks can cost 30% more than diesel versions. Your local dealership can provide specific numbers. As CNG vehicles gain popularity, the price difference may decrease.

For many fleets, fuel savings offset the additional cost of the vehicle in 1½ to 3 years. Payback time depends on factors such as the miles traveled, vehicle fuel efficiency and maintenance costs.

Is there a road tax on CNG?

CNG is taxed similar to gasoline or diesel. In Wisconsin, there's a 24.7 cent alternate fuel tax plus the federal excise tax of 18.3 cents per GGE.

Are CNG vehicles cleaner?

Yes. Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel. CNG vehicles produce 60% to 90% less smog-producing pollutants and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% to 40%.

Are natural gas vehicles safe?

Yes, and in many ways, CNG vehicles are safer than gasoline or diesel vehicles. Natural gas is lighter than air and it dissipates rapidly when there is a release. It is nontoxic and does not pool on the ground, so it will not leak into groundwater.

Natural gas has an ignition temperature of approximately 1,000°F, compared to 600°F for gasoline. It also has a very limited range of flammability. It will not burn in concentrations below 5% or above 15% when mixed with air. Natural gas fuel tank cylinders are stronger and thicker than diesel or gasoline tanks and are manufactured to higher standards.

What types of fleets are a good fit for CNG vehicles?

CNG vehicles make the most economic sense for fleets that travel many miles but make shorter trips, typically less than 400 miles. Examples include refuse haulers, transit buses, delivery trucks, taxis and regional haulers.

Where can I fuel a natural gas vehicle?

There are more than 1,000 CNG stations in the United States and more on the way

What CNG vehicles are currently available?

Kenworth, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Navistar-International, Mack, Volvo and others offer medium- and heavy-duty CNG trucks for a variety of applications. GM, Ford and Dodge also offer or will be offering light-duty vehicles, including pickup trucks and vans, in CNG versions. Contact your local dealership for availability.

Do CNG vehicles perform the same as diesel and gasoline vehicles?

Yes. The horsepower and torque curves of a natural gas engine are almost identical to those of a diesel. Manufacturers of light-duty vehicles also state that horsepower, acceleration and cruise speed are comparable to gasoline-powered vehicles.

However, CNG vehicles can't travel as far as most gasoline or diesel vehicles. The range for most dedicated CNG vehicles is about 200 miles. That range can be extended with a bi-fuel vehicle that has both a gasoline and natural gas tank. For long-haul vehicles that travel more than about 400 miles per trip, liquefied natural gas (LNG) may be a better option.

What is the difference between CNG and LNG?

LNG is cooled to minus 260°F. It is hauled by truck to a fueling station. Because LNG has a higher energy density, you can drive further on a tank. LNG currently costs about 50 cents to $1 more per GGE.

What about maintenance for CNG vehicles?

Maintenance intervals for CNG vehicles are essentially the same as a diesel or gasoline engine. In light-duty vehicles, belts, hoses, air filters, coolant and other fluids are typically about the same. CNG vehicles have coalescing fuel filters, and these need to be inspected and cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines. Manufacturers also provide recommendations for maintaining CNG fuel tanks.

For some medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with spark ignition, maintenance costs may be slightly higher. Additional ignition maintenance and overhead valve adjustments may be needed. Check with the manufacturer as not all CNG engines are spark-ignited. Maintenance facility modifications may be needed to meet the Natural Fire Protection Association's requirements for natural gas vehicles.

Are CNG vehicles quieter

CNG engines are up to 10 decibels quieter at idle. Sound levels are reduced for the driver and for areas that the truck travels through.

How fast can I fuel a CNG vehicle?

CNG fueling stations are either fast-fill or slow-fill. Public fueling stations are fast-fill, usually filling a 60-gallon tank in about 10 minutes. Slow-fill stations are typically private and are used by industries like refuse hauling where vehicles are parked and filled overnight


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                   Galileo LNG- CRYOBox

                                   Galileo LNG CRYOBox key features.

  • Scalability: installation can grow according to demand changes.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Fully automated operation.
  • Remote monitoring through Global SCADA Galileo control platform.
  • Minimal storage.
  • Intrinsically safe.
  • No noise or vibration.
  • It can be installed at height.